Olive Tree Celebrant

Festive Season 2023 Wish

I think most of us at Christmas time no matter our culture or beliefs,  if we do or don't celebrate Christmas find it is a time of year that we reflect on the events over the past year.  

If they be joyous or sad or a mixture of both it seems to be a time for memories from past and present.  

I remember the excitment as a child on Christmas Eve and hearing the sleigh bells, which as an adult I learnt that one of my parents would jingle a bunch of bells outside the back door.  As a child I totally believed it was Santa's sleigh on the way and would rush to get in bed and go to sleep as soon as possbile in fear if you were to be awake still,  Santa would not stop at our house.

Our family tradition was that the Christmas Tree went up on Christmas Eve after the children had gone to bed.  So my first view of the tree with its magnificant display of coloured lights, decorations and the fragrant smell of the pine was truly magical on Christmas morning.

As an adult and children of my own I carried on the tradition of the bells outside the back door but I could not wait until Christmas Eve to put up Christmas Tree. I believe my elder brother still carries on that tradition. 

Christmas past memories with grandparents staying over, neighbours that came and  to have a glass of cheer on christmas morning.  Playing cards on Christmas night with my Parents and Grandparents. 

Sadly all have passed now and I am left with these wonderous memories. As I watched my own children grow and have families of  their own, establishing thier own Christmas traditions.  I hope they look back as fondly as I do at their childhood Christmas memories.

My Christmas Wish this year would to ask you all to take time this Christmas to remember the wondersous Christmans pasts you have had and look around you at your neighbours, friends and extended family that may  be on their own with only their past memeroires of loved ones over the festive period.

Take some time to say hello, wish them a lovely Christmas, invite them for a coffe or a glass of festive cheer over this holiday period. As whilst Christmas is truly a magical time of the year, it can be a very lonely time for some and it would be so lovely to add to their Christmas past memeories by making it part of your  new tradition this Christmas. 

Olive Tree Celebrant would like to wish you all a wounderful memory building time this Christmas.